Top Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass

No one likes their lawn messy and unattractive after rains, which generally makes it tempting to give a quick make-over to a wet lawn. However, without using the proper lawnmower, cutting wet grass might not be as easy and safe as many people think; you need to look for the best lawn mowers for wet grass. 

A good mower will make cutting wet grass easier and help keep you safe and prevent getting harmed. And more importantly, never cut wet grass with an electric lawnmower because it might lead to electrocution.

f you are in a rush, here is my top pick to save you time. My top pick is the Greenworks Cordless lawn mower for wet grass, as it offers the highest value for money, mainly if you are looking for a durable and high-quality lawnmower for wet grass.

Will Mowing Wet Grass Ruin Lawn Mower?

A wet lawn is more challenging to mow. Wet grass blades are slippery and challenging to slice, which creates an inconsistent shred rather than a clean and beautifully cut lawn. 

Unless you use high-quality mulching blades or a newly sharpened or replaced standard blade, it might take about 2 or 3 passes over the same patch of wet lawn to achieve the results you would get if the lawn were dry.

More importantly, mowing your lawn with an electric lawnmower, particularly with an extension cord, might cause an electric shock. It is, therefore, wise to avoid mowing wet grass and mixing water and electricity.

In addition, exposing the connections and any damaged cable portions to moisture might damage the machine and cause electrocution. 

Furthermore, mowing wet grass might cause the risk of falling. Walking across a slippery lawn with enough force exercised forward to push the lawnmower can cause you to slip and fall and possibly get injured by the mower’s blades.

Tips For Choosing Lawnmower For Wet Grass:

  • If you have a small to regular-sized lawn, choose a non-electric lawnmower for wet grass to avoid clogging or power surges. 
  • With a larger property, choose a Lawnmower with enough power and excellent coverage capacity to deal with rather tough weeds.

What To Look For Choosing Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass

When choosing a lawnmower for wet grass, always ensure that the mower suits your needs and is suitable to cut the size of your lawn. Here is what you need to keep an eye on when choosing a lawnmower for wet grass:

  • Adjustable Height: When the ground is wet and needs to be mowed, choosing an adjustable deck height is a good idea. If you try to cut wet and tall grass with your normal-sized deck, you will risk getting too many grass clippings which will block and clog the mower deck. You will reduce the risk of blocking your mower deck by adjusting the height.
  • Weight: The mower’s weight is a significant factor if you plan to wet mower grass. A lighter mower is better for cutting wet grass as it will not sink into the damp ground and leave ruts.
  • Sharper blades: Ensure thatthe blades on the mower deck are sharp enough. Sharper blades make cutting wet grass faster and easier. 
  • 7 Best Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass
  • Cutting wet grass with an electric mower can be inefficient and dangerous because there is generally a chance of electric surges or electrification. Always ensure you choose a mower that will ensure effectiveness and safety. 
  • Here are the best lawn mowers for wet grass:

1- Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower For Wet Grass

Greenworks Cordless lawnmower lets you cut grass even in the most challenging places, and it has 2-in-1 features that offer mulching and bagging capabilities. It has various working tools to enable you to complete the task of cutting different grass types quickly. 

In addition, the Greenworks Cordless lawnmower comes with a 40V 4Ah Li-Ion Battery, making it quiet and gas smell free. It is easy to operate, and you can, in just 15 to 20-minute, mow your grass without stinking like gas and feeling tired.

It also comes with foldable handles making it compact and easy to store and transport. Enjoy a beautiful and well-manicured with the Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower. 

Pros Cons
– It does not clog even when wet, and it is easy to empty
– It has a higher cut quality and creates beautiful grass cutIt comes with 2-in-1 features with mulching and bagging capabilities.
– It leaves very little grass on the lawn and no clumps
– It does not have an external battery level indicator to help monitor the battery level. The batteries might run out unexpectedly without warning. 

2- American Lawn Mower Company Lawn Mower For Wet Grass

American lawn Mower comapny lawn mower for wet grass comes with a powerful 11-Amp motor with sufficient power to cut all types of grasses. It also has a 2-in-1 feature that helps mulch and discharge grass as you mow.

In addition, the  American lawn Mower comapny lawn mower for wet grass comes with a lightweight frame and a compact design, making it comfortable when cutting grass

Like the Greenworks Cordless lawnmower, the American Lawn Mower Company lawnmower for wet grass does emit harmful smoke, making both environmentally friendly. 

Pros Cons
– It has adjustable handle height, enabling you to adjust the cutting size or height.
– It comes with a cushioned grip, ensuring comfort when cutting grass. 
– It comes with a rigid top 16-Gal grass collection box, which helps dispose of grass faster after it piles up in the mower.
– It comes with an electric cord, making it potentially dangerous to operate in wet grass. 

3- Worx Lawn Mower For Wet Grass

Worx Lawn Mower for wet grass comes with an “intellicut” feature that provides adjustable motion for challenging conditions

In addition, the Worx Lawn Mower for wet grass  comes with an on-board battery charge indicator that lets you monitor the battery charge level

The  Worx Lawn Mower  is one of the best lawn mower for wet grass as it is lightweight and weighs only 29 pounds (7 kg), making it movable and easier to store. It comes with 2-in-1 features and 4Ah batteries. 

– It comes with a dual-port charger to charge its two batteries simultaneously.
– It comes with six height adjustments to let you set the height depending on the season. 
– It comes with 2-in-1 features that simultaneously guarantee bagging and mulching abilities. 
– It might come with defect issues, ensure you try it to ensure quality. 

4- Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower With 12 Amp 20 Motor

Another is Greenworks lawn mower , in contrast to the first one, this one comes with an electric cord. Greenworks lawn mower for wet grass delivers seamless performance and is highly durable. 

Green works electric corded lawnmower with 12 Amp 20 Motor comes with a powerful 12 amp motor that cuts through the most difficult grass and helps get the job done quicker and more efficiently

Pros Cons
– It comes with an adjustable cutting height level in 7 different positions.
– It has a lock handle that will help you fold and store it conveniently.
– With its electric cord, you don’t risk unexpected battery outages.
– The electric cord makes it potentially dangerous to operate on wet grass.

5- Great States Self-Propelled Lawn Mower For Wet Grass

The Great states self propelled lawn mower for wet grass is an easy-to-use mechanical lawnmower that cuts grass up to 4 inches tall. 

The good news is this mower from the Great states is easy to assemble and has adjustable blades to help cut grass depending on your preference.

The Great states self propelled lawn mower for wet grass  is lightweight, requires low maintenance, and is environmentally friendly.

– Compared to the gas-operated mower, it requires low maintenance 
– It is budget-friendly
– It is environmentally friendly as it does not emit gas and does not pollute the environment.
– It is durable and easy to use 
– It is an excellent way to get in shape
– It might require you to be in good shape for mowing tough grass and wet grass
– It might be tiring and slow with taller grass

6- Yard Machines Gas Operated Lawn Mower For Wet Grass

Yard Machines gas-operated lawn mower for wet grass is perfect for mowing small and medium-sized yards, particularly in wet conditions

It comes with a 132CC gas engine and three exclusive cutting height positions, making cutting wet grass effortless. 

One of the positive things about this lawnmower for wet grass from Yard Machines is that it is made of top-notch sturdy material, ensuring durability and sturdiness

The faster you move, the faster the blade rotates, which helps provide more thorough cuts through the wet grass.

Pros Cons
– Its 132CC gas engine is excellent for small and medium-sized yards.
– It comes with 7-inch wheels on the front and rear sides, making it perfectly maneuverable.
– It comes with one 1-year 
– It is not environmentally friendly 
– Gas mowers generally require oil and regular maintenance.
– It might be challenging and slow with taller grass

7- Craftsman Gas Powered Lawn Mower For Wet Grass

​​The main advantage of the Craftsman gas-powered lawnmower for wet grass is that it is a reliable brand

Craftsman gas-powered lawnmower for wet grass comes with 3-in-1 features with rear discharge, side discharge, and mulching abilities. It also comes with six different height settings depending on your needs.

– It comes with durable wheels (8 inches in the back and 7 inches in the front).
– It comes with 3-in-1 features and mulching abilities.
– It comes with 140CC gas-powered engine.
– It is not environmentally friendly

Best Tips For Mowing Wet Grass

Here is How to mow wet grass without clogging: 

  • Step1: First, start by clearing your lawn: Remove any obstacles to avoid stepping in unexpected obstacles, which will ensure that you don’t stop picking up unwanted materials once you begin mowing.
  • Step2: Ensure that your mower’s blades are sharp enough. If necessary, remove the blades to sharpen them
  • Step3Before starting to mow, set your mower deck to the highest or the second-highest setting for maximum results
  • Step4: Inspect your mower to see if everything is properly working, including an electric cord, sufficient gas, and blades sharpened. 
    • Also, check the deck to ensure it is clean and free from dirt and debris. 
    • Set the proper deck height before starting the mower.
  • Step5: Use the one-third rule, meaning mowing grass when it is one-third taller than expected. For example, if you desire to have 2 inches of grass height, start cutting when the grass is about 3 inches. 
  • step6: Mow your lawn more often. Try to mow wet at least every five days to even less to prevent the grass from getting tall and shaggy. In general, tall grass is challenging to cut, making tall and wet grass harder to cut

Wrapping Up 

Mowing wet grass requires using the best lawn mower for damp grass because it is safe and delivers superior performance. Remember, mowing wet grass can be dangerous as it might cause electrocution without taking proper caution. With the right lawnmower, you can prevent any accidents when cutting wet grass.

The Greenworks Cordless lawnmower is our top pick as the best lawn mower for wet grass because it offers high value for its price. It also comes with a 16-Inch cutting deck, a powerful 40V 4Ah Li-Ion Battery, and a grass catcher bag.

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