How To Be Planted As A Tree When You Die

How To Be Planted As A Tree When You Die, The biodegradable burial pod that turns your body into a tree. Capsula Mundi is an egg-shaped pod through which a buried corpse or ashes can provide nutrients to a tree planted above it. Your carbon footprint doesn't end in the grave.03-May-2017,

How do I get turned into a tree?

Bios Urn® is the world's first biodegradable urn designed to turn the ashes of a person into a tree. Your loved ones can now be transformed into trees, continuing to grow alongside you. Thanks to its design and manufacture, the urn provides proper germination and aids in growing a tree with a person's ashes.

When you die can you come back as a tree?

A tree urn is a biodegradable urn or bio urn that grows a tree in combination with ashes or cremated remains. The Living Urn® is the patented tree urn and planting system that makes it easy to transform the ashes of your lost loved one into a living tree memorial to honor your loved and give back to nature.

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